W.O.M.E.N.'s Mentor Group Mission Statement



Our mission, as women in Christ, is to grow our faith in our families, in our friends, and in ourselves through our bond as Christian women.


Growing as a Family

  1. Sharing with one another perspectives on:

a.       Parenting

b.      Loss and coping with it

c.       Raising a family

d.      Being a mom/wife

e.       Being a Christian woman

f.        Joining together in family gatherings

Growing in Friendship

1.      Offer Christian support

2.      Pray for one another

3.      Confide in each other

4.      Give biblical insight into situations

5.      Offer constructive feedback

6.      Helping each other be accountable in our Christian walk

7.      Do things that bond us together as Christian women

Growing in Ourselves

1.      Engaging in regular prayer

2.      Attending regular worship

3.      Participate in sharing Bible verses

4.      Develop yourself as a mentor

5.      Reach out to other women

6.      Accept each others differences and use them as strengths

7.      Be positive

8.      Try new things, ie; pray out loud

Grow with God

1.      Rejoice; demonstrate a cheerful spirit

2.      Let the Light of God shine through you; smile - greet one another

3.      Share with others how God has helped you.

4.      If you make a mistake, ask for forgiveness.

5.      If you don't know the answer, pray about it.