Worship Service Information/Sunday School Sign Up

Sign Up: Online by clicking the links below or call the church office 281-4600. (Children are more than welcome at these services) 

To sign up online, please click on the date below:

December 31st Worship at 5 PM
January 2nd and 3rd Weekend Worship (10:30 AM is a fully masked service)
January 6th Midweek Devotional
January 9th and 10th Weekend Worship(10:30 AM is a fully masked service)
January 13th Midweek Devotional
January 16th and 17th Weekend Worship(10:30 AM is a fully masked service)
January 20th Midweek Devotional
January 23rd and 24th Weekend Worship(10:30 AM is a fully masked service)
January 27th Midweek Devotional
January 30th and 31st Weekend Worship(10:30 AM is a fully masked service)

Below are the current Saftey measures in place:

-All are asked to wear masks in and out of church. At the 8am services individuals are invited to remove their mask while in the pew. The 10:30am service will be a fully masked service.

-All ushers and elders will wear masks with Pastor Krenz wearing a mask during the service of the Lord’s Supper.

-Hand sanitizers will be found throughout the church.

-People will be assigned places to sit when they enter the sanctuary. Individuals and family groups will be asked to sit at least six feet apart from each other in every other pew. (Seating will be from front to back).

-The Lord’s Supper will be celebrated in a continuous fashion with members spaced six feet apart. Markings on the floor will assist the congregation as they come forward. The pastor will distribute the host, and the members will partake of the small communion cups from a tray on the table with the elder standing behind the table. The altar area will not be utilized for communion.

-Children will stay with their families during the children’s message.

-People will exit from the back of the sanctuary. (The opposite of the way they came in)

-People are invited to socialize outside before and after the service and are asked not to congregate in the narthex.

-An offering box will be placed in the narthex. No offerings will be received during the service.

-If weather allows, windows and doors in the sanctuary and narthex will be open.

-Singing will take place, but the number of songs and verses will be decreased.

-The sanctuary pews and all door handles will be sanitized between services.

-If individuals are feeling sick and/or running a temperature they are asked not to attend these services.

-The service will be accessed via the worship screens, which means no bulletins will be distributed.

-While the state of Illinois allows 25% capacity for the sanctuary (50-60 people at St. Paul’s) out of an abundance of caution we are starting out with a smaller number. Hopefully this will increase when circumstances merit such a change.

-We fully support the decision of those in high risk categories or others who do not yet feel comfortable attending an in-person worship service.

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