Employement Opportunities

Current Openings

General Duties:
1. Directing Adult Choir & Hand Bell Choir

Specific Duties:
1. Be responsible for scheduling Adult Choir, Hand Bell Choir and soloists or special groups.   
     a. Schedule the Adult Choir & Hand Bell Choir for Sunday performances as appropriate for          the church seasons. Choir and Bell performances are especially desired for all festival                services, and at least twice a month, as appropriate.
     b. Prepare and distribute choir and bell performance schedules 1 month in advance.
     c. Potential soloists may be asked to perform before the Audition Committee. The Audition          Committee shall consist of the Choir Director and 2 members of the Music Committee.
2. Rehearse with the adult choir and bell choir weekly from September through May                    (approximately 40 weeks), including one half hour prior to services for practice and warm-      up time. Rehearsals are typically an hour for each group.
3. Act as piano accompanist for Adult Choir, or make arrangements for separate accompanist.
4. Meet with the service planner and pastor on regular intervals to coordinate appropriate          music selections, as well as coordinating guest instrumentalists as needed to enhance              services. Be responsive in communication.
5. Meet with the music committee at regular intervals to coordinate the following:
     a. Music ministry goals and planning
     b. Maintenance of instruments (organ, piano, keyboards, hand bells, etc.)
     c. Maintenance of music library
     d. Assist in planning of annual music budget

Optional Duties Available:
1. Organist for 8am Sunday morning & 7pm Monday evening church services.
2. Participate with music team for 10:30am Sunday morning blended services. 


227 North Good Haven,
Columbia, IL; 62236


Email: pastork@splcolumbia.com
Phone: (618) 281-4600

Service Hours

Sunday 8:00 AM
Sunday 10:30 AM
Monday 6:30 PM

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