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*April 30th, 2021

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

There is something wondrous about “basic/simple/clear” Bible verses. The above verses (1 John 4:10-11) from Sunday’s epistle reading have a “John 3:16/Psalm 23” feel to it. What a beautiful summation of how God has delivered his love to us and why we are to love others. The one confusing word, in this otherwise clear section, is propitiation. It is a word that means “wrath bearer”. Why is this important? Simply put, our deserved judgement lands on the Son rather than us. These are verses worth committing to memory. Have a blessed weekend!

In His service,
Pastor Krenz    

  • “Connected”- is the sermon theme this weekend. It is based on John 15:1-8. The other readings are 1 John 4:1-11, and Acts 8:26-40.
  • Confirmation: This weekend we welcome Heinrich Theiss and Zane Ebersohl as confirmed members of the congregation. The confirmation rite will take place at the 10:30am service. 
  • Baptism: On Sunday at the 8:30am service Hannah Ruth Holman will received the blessing of baptism. Keep her parents Ray and Melissa Holman along with her brother Andrew in your prayers.  
  • Funeral: On Tuesday at noon a funeral will held for Darlene Jacobs. Both her funeral and 10:30am-noon visitation are open to the public. Her obituary can be found at Darlene D. Jacobs Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information (leesmanfuneralhome.com) 
  • Youth Service Project: Sign up deadline is this Sunday On Saturday, May 8th the youth will be donating their time and service to help those in need of some work done outdoors. Sign up slips and a drop box is located in the narthex for those who would like to make a request. At this time we are asking for only those who are truly in need and limited in physical activity to sign up. Those who made a request will be contacted a few days prior to arrange a time and discuss the needs. 
  • Philippians/Colossians Bible Study: Join us at 9:15am in the sanctuary for a 45- minute Bible class which covers the last chapter of Philippians and the first chapter of Colossians.
  • April 20th Voters Meeting Highlights 
  • -A Congregational Pictorial Directory has been scheduled for August 13th and 14th & August 27th and 28th. Watch the bulletin for more details. 
  • -We voted to have a summer Director of Christian Education intern named Sam Wagner, a Junior at Concordia Chicago.   Her internship will run from May 24th-August 9th. She will be assisting with Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Outreach, youth, and various fellowship events.   Thank you to the Consolino’s and Moeslein’s who will be hosting her for the summer.  
  • -We decided to go ahead with some updates to the pre-school bathrooms. Congregational volunteers will be needed to help complete this project. 
  • -It was decided to have a new security camera system installed at the outer doors of the church. 
  • -A new purpose and mission statement was approved.  
  • -We also approved the following motions from the Board of Outreach.  
  • Motion #l – To pray the Holy Spirit to empower St. Paul Lutheran Church through Word and Sacrament to be a faithful, outreaching congregation with a pastor, trained leaders, and members who regularly and intentionally engage in spiritual conversations with themselves and others. 
  • Motion #2 – To support and participate in the Community Canvasses the Board of Christian Outreach proposes to carry out in the next few years. 
  • Families/spouses together at communion-While we do have markings for social distancing as you come up for communion, if spouses and family units would like to come up together they are welcome to do so. 
  • Worship Service Change: We are planning to continue the 11am Saturday service through the month of May. Starting June 7th we will be restarting the 6:30pm Monday services. Also beginning in June the early service will be filmed, and placed on YouTube Sunday evening or first thing Monday morning. Board of Elders 

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